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Baseus GaN 100w charger
Source: Baseus
Baseus 100W PD GaN3 Fast Wall Charger
$51 $66 Save $15

The Baseus 100W fast charger is the perfect accessory for your desk or travel. It has 4 USB ports, with a max 100W output, and you can divvy up that power across up to 4 devices at once. It supports USB-C and USB-A cables as well as PD and PPS fast charging standards. And right now it looks ever better at more than 20% off with a digital coupon at Amazon.

Baseus has made quite the name for itself in the affordable charging accessory space these past few years. It produces a wide range of products, at oft-discounted prices, that are revered by both experts and customers alike. One of our favorite Baseus accessories is this 100W PD GaN3 fast charger. It was one of our picks for the best chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra, thanks to its power and versatility, and right now it's on sale for just $51 after a one-click coupon on the Amazon product page takes off $15 instantly.

Why you should buy the Baseus 100W PD GaN3 Charging Station

This 100W charger makes the perfect accessory to streamline your desk setup, or for travel. It features 4 USB ports — 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A — and 100W of max power output. You can split up that power virtually any way you want, whether that's charging 4 phones at 20W each, fast-charging two phones at 45W each, or charging two laptops. Baseus says the device is capable of charging both a MacBook Pro (65W) and MacBook Air (30W) simultaneously, which is quite impressive. It also supports most major fast charging standards, including PD and PPS.

The Charging Station utilizes GaN3 technology, which allows for its smaller size, higher power output, and reduced temperatures. It also features BPS allocation tech, which enables you to charge devices with vastly different power requirements, such as a pair of AirPods and a laptop, at the same time. The way this works is actually kind of cool: when you plug in a new device to the station, it will cut the current and pause for a few seconds so it can redistribute the correct amount of power to the proper ports. This helps protect against issues like overheating and overcharging, and Baseus does include a nice 2-year warranty for added confidence.

This is typically where we would run down the caveats, but to be honest, there really aren't any. It's hard to find faults with a 100W charger at this price — especially when it supports as many devices as this one does. It's not the biggest discount in the world, but $15 off is still solid enough that you should grab at least one while you can.