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Waze has always been a fun alternative to Google Maps. While both are owned by Google, the app has a cartoonish interface and often offers amusing voice integrations like this week’s new addition of The Jonas Brothers. Waze also recently added support for Android Auto’s “Coolwalk” view, which allows users to see things like info on the music they have playing and incoming text messages on their dashboard alongside maps.

It looks like with all the recent additions, Waze has also recently taken a bit of functionality away from the app.

9to5Google reports that Waze has intentionally disabled most of the voice commands on Android Auto. Now if you want to talk to Waze while you’re on the road you’ll only be able to ask the app to take you home or to work, but nowhere else.

The issue has been happening to some users over the past week, and Google has responded to many complaints with the same canned response:

Hi Wazer,

I looked into your report and found that what you described is actually how Google Assistant in Waze on Android Auto is currently intended to work.

“Drive home” and “Drive to work” are the only voice commands available in Waze on Android Auto at the moment. Our developers are working on implementing full Google Assistant functionality.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve Waze, and we appreciate your feedback.

From the message, it sounds like the ability to ask Waze to navigate to other locations is expected to return, but there’s currently no timeline planned.

The issue is specifically with voice commands. If you want to go somewhere other than home or work (don’t we all?), you can still input your destination into the app before you hit the road.