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Google's live stream has broken

Midway through the Live from Paris launch, the YouTube stream of the show stopped working. It now appears to say the video is private, and there's no alternative stream to watch the show. We hope Google will upload a full video of the show after the event so you'll be able to head back through it to catch up on the latest, but it's currently unclear when it'll be fixed.

Google’s next big reveal won’t be saved for Google I/O. The company is hosting a short-notice event in Paris to reveal some new changes to its services later today, and it's expected we may hear more details about the company's newly announced Bard AI tech. We know there will be changes to Google Search, Google Maps, and “beyond”, so it's likely to be related to the company's newly revealed chatbot.

When is the Live from Paris Google launch?

The Live from Paris Google event is set for today (February 8th) and will begin at 8:30 AM ET / 5:30 AM PT. In Paris, the event begins at 14:30 PM CET. That’s an early European launch for those in the US, so you may find this a complicated topic to get your head around over your morning coffee. We don’t yet know how long the event will last for, but we'd expect this to be a long one so maybe don't make plans for a while.

How to watch the Live from Paris Google launch event live

As this is a Google event, the best way to watch the show is on YouTube. The company will be livestreaming the whole show on the below link, so you can follow along with all the action live. If you want to be reminded of the show, you can use YouTube's 'Notify me' button to get a reminder before it begins.

What to expect from the Live from Paris launch event

The truth is, we’re not certain exactly what Google will talk about today. All we’ve heard from Google is what is in the description of the livestream for the event. It reads, “We're reimagining how people search for, explore and interact with information, making it more natural and intuitive than ever before to find what you need. Join us to learn how we're opening up greater access to information for people everywhere, through Search, Maps and beyond.”

That sounds like we’ll be hearing more about Google’s AI chatbot; Bard AI. The company revealed the technology earlier this week, and it’s a competitor to artificial intelligence platforms like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Microsoft beat Google to the punch and announced yesterday that it'll be using ChatGPT tech inside Microsoft's Bing search engine as well as its web browser Edge.

Unlike ChatGPT, Google's tool looks built to be able to pull up-to-date information from the internet. It uses Google's LaMDA tech that you may remember caught headlines in 2022 when a Google engineer claimed the technology was sentient.

Google is no stranger to using AI technologies in its products. We’ve seen it at play in many of Google’s services, including Magic Eraser on the Pixel series. The Bard AI chatbot looks to set off seismic changes to Google's services, though. What is announced today may set the course of Google's big innovations for years to come.