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Thanks to leaks and rumors, the Google Pixel 7a is all but confirmed to launch at Google I/O 2023 on May 10, and now, Google has added some fuel of its own to its open secret. Google India has confirmed on Twitter that "the latest phone engineered by Google'' is launching on May 11. It's coming to Indian Amazon competitor Flipkart on that same date, and the tweet shows a blurred out phone that sure looks 100% in line with the Google Pixel 7a renders we’ve seen so far.

While the Twitter announcement doesn’t explicitly mention the Google Pixel 7a, it’s unlikely that Google has any phone coming soon that would look anything like the blurred out handset shown in the tweet. Given that the phone shown in the image is blue, it's also not any recent Pixel phone we've seen before. In fact, the blue color strongly indicates that this is the Pixel 7a, since it has leaked in this colorway.

That makes this official piece of information the company’s first acknowledgment of the Pixel 7a, and it becomes clear that the new budget phone does indeed launch right after Google I/O – though we will probably see the Pixel 7a announcement itself on the day of the developer conference. Other potential announcements will revolve around AI, Android 14, and potentially more hardware, like the long-awaited Google Pixel Tablet and the Google Pixel Fold.

The May 11 launch date shared by Google India is also right in line with the latest leaks, with Google making the phone available for purchase in all markets right after its purported Google I/O reveal.

If you can’t wait for the Google Pixel 7a launch, be aware that there isn’t much left for the company to reveal. We know by now thanks to leaks that the Pixel 7a is almost identical to the Google Pixel 7, though it’s a tad smaller and has bigger bezels. On the inside, you’re poised to find the same Tensor G2 chip and the same excellent camera setup that’s also inside the Pixel 7. If the Pixel 7a truly does end up costing $500, like rumors are currently suggesting, it might not be as interesting for prospective buyers as its predecessor, the Pixel 6a, though. After all, the flagship Pixel 7 is routinely on sale at almost the same price.