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Google’s annual developer conference is less than two weeks away. The company is expected to showcase new hardware on stage, but the leaks aren’t slowing down. The iconic range of Pixel phones is set to expand with new category additions — the Pixel Fold, a Pixel Tablet, and the pocket-friendly Pixel 7a. We just discovered that someone had posted the latter for sale online, consequently leaking it in all its glory.

A month ago, an entity listed a brand new, unused Google Pixel 7a for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Although the seller’s location is unknown, the phone number provided for discussions via WhatsApp is registered in the West African nation of Côte d'Ivoire (via @TechDroider). The pictures in this listing show the bright blue phone with a silver camera visor. Another listing from the same seller shows off the black variant of the phone, resembling the earlier hands-on leak.

Like the leaks so far have suggested, the missing mic hole beside the camera flash is the only visual aspect differentiating the new 7a from the Pixel 7, besides the obviously smaller size. Beyond that, the 7a looks like your usual run-of-the-mill mid-year Pixel. Both have a gloss finish on the body and a matte metallic finish for the camera visor.

More importantly, we are happy there’s confirmation Google will release the blue color we saw in Steve Hemmerstoffer’s leaks earlier this month. It appears the blue hue, which should be called Sky, is replacing the Pixel 6a’s Sage color, while the Chalk (white) and Charcoal (black) colorways will be carried forward. Although three colors is the norm with Pixel a-series phones, we also have reason to hope for a spicy coral color this year. These colors should also apply to the Pixel Buds.

Historically, Google has struggled to keep a tight lid on things. Most of its recent hardware was revealed online before the official unveiling. For instance, the Pixel Watch was supposedly forgotten at a bar, and someone posted a Pixel 7 Pro for sale on Facebook Marketplace, just like this 7a. Even though these may be internal prototypes, Google has locked down most of the hardware and software at this stage, so it is unlikely to change from what we see. Fingers crossed a coral colorway is still on the menu.

By the way, if you’re planning to buy the listed devices, it may not be the best idea, because Google usually deactivates them as soon as they are spotted in the wild. If you’re patient, though, the Pixel 7a could shape up to become one of the best budget Android phones.