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How to set up a new Chromebook or Chromebox

Get your new device up and running in no time


Chromebooks are great devices for most people due to their low cost and ease of use. The best Chromebooks have premium features, such as built-in fingerprint sensors or 4k displays. Before you can use these features, you must sign in and get your device going. Fortunately, you can complete the process in minutes.

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How to set up and use a Chromebook with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse

Turn your Chromebook into a desktop powerhouse


The best Chromebooks are simple yet capable computers that offer incredible versatility out of the box. However, attaching a peripheral device like a monitor, keyboard, or mouse may be tricky. Chromebooks don't have the same capability as Windows or Mac computers but don't let this dissuade you from connecting to one.

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How to set parental controls on a Chromebook

Parental controls will help you steer your children away from the internet's many dark corners


Chromebooks are inexpensive and easy-to-use devices that many people turned to during the pandemic. Some bought one of our favorite Chromebooks as a remote work device, and others purchased or were provided a more affordable and durable Chromebook for their child's remote learning. While these devices are useful for learning, there are some things that parents may not want their kids to see or have access to.

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How to change ChromeOS channels: easily switch between Stable, Beta, and Dev

Try out the newest Chromebook features early


Chromebooks are capable and easy-to-use devices that come with several useful features. The best Chromebooks combine excellent hardware with great features to create a truly fantastic computing experience. If you're an early adopter, Chromebooks allow you to try out the newest features while they're still being finalized by changing ChromeOS channels. Here are the channels available to Chromebook users and how to try them out.

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How much RAM does your Chromebook need?

The days when 4GB RAM was more than sufficient are long gone


Chromebooks are capable machines, and the best Chromebooks can be used for browsing, watching videos, and editing documents. You can also use Android and desktop apps via Linux. With its lightweight ChromeOS operating system, Chromebooks are power-efficient and don't need powerful processors and more RAM.