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Easily one of today's best Android smartphones, the Google Pixel 7 looks great and performs better than almost anything else out there. It's not exactly fragile, but the all-glass body might make you think twice about carrying it around in the nude (the phone, that is). Luckily, there's a host of excellent cases available, from the sleek to the ultra-rugged.

You'll find some familiar names like Spigen and Incipio that you know you can always count on, in addition to some lesser-known brands like Ringke that make great stuff. There are also several premium options from Mous, Pela, and others that are fancy enough to do Google's flagship smartphone justice. And once you find your perfect case, don't forget a Google Pixel 7 screen protector.

The best Google Pixel 7 cases

  • Pixel-7-Spigen-Liquid
    Source: Spigen
    Spigen Liquid Air for Pixel 7
    Staff pick

    It's hard to do better than the Spigen Liquid Air to keep your Pixel 7 safe. There's just enough texture to keep a solid grip on it without it being overly tacky and hard to slide into a bag or pocket. And it's not just made with consistently premium materials; it also includes precise engineering under the hood in the form of air cushioning layers. In addition, it's reasonably priced and comes in a subtle Navy Blue color.

  • Pixel-7-dbrand-Grip
    Source: Dbrand
    dbrand Grip case For Pixel 7
    Premium pick

    Dbrand's eye-catching skins get a lot of recognition, but its Grip case series looks exactly as nice and offers above-average protection from scratches and drops. It's not exactly cheap, but you can immediately tell the difference between it and a cheap off-brand case the second you pick it up. And with such a wide range of designs, there's definitely something here for everybody.

  • caseology-nano-pop-pixel-7-case
    Source: Caseology
    Caseology Nano Pop For Pixel 7
    Best value
    $18 $27 Save $9

    We love Caseology's Nano Pop cases because they're about as slim as can be but also promise to keep your expensive device out of harm's way. Raised bevels protect the most vulnerable edges of the screen and camera, and a barely-there dot texture helps you find a good amount of purchase during everyday use. Despite the Nano Pop's slim stature, it is officially tested for drop safety up to 4 feet.

  • Pela-moon-pixel-7-case
    Source: Pela
    Pela Case For Pixel 7
    The Earth-conscious option

    Every little bit helps when it comes to reducing your resource usage. Pela's eco-friendly cases can go right in your compost when you're done with them since they're made from plant-based bioplastics and flax fiber. Plus, there's a huge range of designs, ranging from understated and classy to bright and bold. They're also tested during development to safely withstand multiple drops from 10 feet.

  • Pixel-7-Caseology-Parallax
    Source: Caseology
    Caseology Parallax for Pixel 7
    $18 $27 Save $9

    Caseology's Parallax has long been one of our favorites because it looks fantastic, has tons of grip, and does an excellent job keeping your phone safe. One reason it looks so nice is the geometric pattern on the back, which also helps keep it solidly in your hand. Another reason is the Burgundy, Ash Gray, and Safe Green colorways look every bit as great as the Pixel 7's already-wonderful color schemes.

  • mous-limitless-5-pixel-7-case
    Source: Mous
    Mous Limitless 5.0 for Pixel 7

    The Mouse Limitless 5.0 looks considerably more classy than most others, thanks to its high-traction textured frame and four premium rear panels to choose from. The Walnut version is our favorite, but the Black Leather and Aramid Fibre both look great without being overly gaudy. It's also nice to know that all Mous cases offer limited lifetime warranties and work perfectly with MagSafe accessories.

  • Pixel-7-iblason-cosmo
    Source: i-Blason
    i-Blason Cosmo Series for Pixel 7
    Promoted pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    The i-Blason Cosmo dispels the notion that heavy-duty cases need angular, aggressive, sci-fi designs. The Pink Marble is arguably the most iconic, but the Purple Marble and Ocean Blue pop every bit as much. The built-in screen protector, above-average drop rating, and consistent support for wireless charging and fingerprint ID make this high-end case a hard one to pass up.

  • torro-google-pixel-7-pro-wallet-black-with-red-case
    Source: Torro
    Torro Leather Case For Pixel 7

    Torro, like Bellroy, is one of the rare manufacturers to use real, high-quality leather on its case lineup. Inside this one are a set of slots for payment and ID cards, in addition to a space for holding a little cash. While the case is only available in black, the red stitching adds just enough of an accent for it to stand out somewhat. Torro also offers a leather care kit on its website to ensure your case stays in perfect condition for years.

  • Pixel-7-Ringke-Fusion
    Source: Ringke
    Ringke Fusion for Pixel 7

    To make sure everybody can see your fancy new Lemongrass Pixel 7, get a transparent case like the Ringke Fusion. Where other clear cases can be a little too flexible over time, Ringke's sports a firm plastic rear panel that ensures it won't stretch over time and will deliver plenty of protection. There's also a pair of lanyard holes, one on either side, to make it that much easier to keep from dropping.

  • tudia-dualshield-case-pixel-7
    Source: Tudia
    Tudia Merge Series DualShield For Pixel 7

    Don't let the relatively slim design fool you; The Tudia Merge can handle getting dropped from waist height at least 26 repeated times, giving peace of mind to the clumsiest among us. There's also a better range of colors to choose from than most, with the Lemongrass and Rose Gold standing out above the rest. To top it all off, it's also lightweight and doesn't cost very much.

  • bellroy-leather--pixel-7-case-render
    Source: Bellroy
    Bellroy Leather Case For Pixel 7
    $39 $49 Save $10

    One of the first case manufacturers with official Made for Google approval, Bellroy continues to make some of our favorite options today. That's largely because of the premium leather and excellent color selection. Keep in mind, of course, that this high-end material will develop a natural patina over time — but that's very much a good thing in our book. You can also be certain that the high-end construction won't make it hard to use any buttons or ports.

  • supcase-ub-pro-pixel-7-case
    Source: Supcase
    Supcase UB Pro for Pixel 7
    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    Supcase makes a handful of highly recognizable cases, and the Unicorn Beetle Pro is among the most rugged on the market. It boasts an impressive 20-foot drop rating, uses an integrated screen protector, and has a detachable belt clip and a kickstand for the utmost convenience.

  • Casetify-Impact-Series-Pixel-7-case
    Source: Casetify
    Casetify Impact Series for Pixel 7

    Few cases let you express your artistic case like the Casetify Impact series. There's a massive range of colors, patterns, characters, and themes to choose from, from simple ones to plenty that are way out there. They're rated to prevent damage from 8-foot drops but built well enough that they're generally even more rugged than that. You can even customize your own, as long as you don't use any copyrighted art.

  • teelevo-wallet-case-pixel-7
    Source: Amazon
    Teelevo Wallet Case for Google Pixel 7

    Out of the few different styles of wallet cases, Teelevo's is the most like a standard, no-frills case, with no annoying flaps or accidentally detachable pockets to worry about. Instead, its contents are secured by a precisely engineered cover that swivels open to also serve as a kickstand. It only has room for two cards, but it's hardly any bigger than other non-wallet models.

  • Pixel-7-Incipio-Duo
    Source: Incipio
    Incipio Duo for Pixel 7

    There's not much to the Incipio Duo other than precise, dependable construction and the exact few features you need in a simple, durable case. It's available in black or a deep, scarlet red, has silicone bumpers on the corners to keep it from sliding around, and is about as slim as a phone case gets. But it also offers 12 feet of drop resistance rating, showing that good things still do come in small packages.

  • VRSDesign-Damda-Glide-Hybrid-pixel-7-case
    Source: VRS Design
    VRS Design Damda Glide Hybrid For Pixel 7

    If you're not a fan of flimsy-feeling plastic wallet cases, the VRS Design Damda Glide Hybrid is right up your alley. Its metal components and novel, self-sliding compartment cover make it look and feel like a truly premium accessory, but it thankfully doesn't cost a fortune. It's outfitted with more room than most competitors, with enough space for three or four cards plus a little cash.

Tons of Pixel 7 cases to pick from

If you're looking for something simple yet highly protective, straightforward cases like the Spigen Liquid Air, Caseology Nano Pop, and Incipio Duo are great choices. But there are so many more to choose from since everybody wants to get in on the accessory game for Google's 7th-generation flagship phone.

The Casetify Impact Series and Dbrand Grip lineup are as showy as they get. Also, Bellroy and Torro make excellent leather cases, and the Mous Limitless lets you choose from a few novel back panels for an especially professional look. In terms of ruggedness, you're still hard-pressed to beat the Supcase UB Pro, and the i-Blason Cosmo is right there with it while also delivering one of the coolest appearances out there. Finally, if you only need a little extra protection and don't want to forget how great the Pixel 7 looks, the Ringke Fusion is the best transparent case available.