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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 Pro lets owners eschew their phones for multitasking through thick and thin, rain, wind or snow, and a whole lot more. Wear OS 3 shines bright along with the biometric sensors and the proficient durability ratings. Most importantly, right now, you can pull a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi-only unit from Amazon for $315 — the most in savings you can find right now at $135 off.

You might not know how you can fit all of what Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 Pro brings to your wrist, but as we consider it to be one of the best smartwatches you can get for your money in 2023, we think that you should probably brainstorm just a little bit: the Bluetooth-only model is on sale now across multiple retailers, but there's only one place you can spot it now for a full 30% off MSRP.

What's great about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

Wherever you might happen to be, this watch can go with you. This big 45mm baddie is made of titanium and sapphire glass and take a beating and a drowning with MIL-STD-810H, IP68, and 5ATM resistance ratings. And it'll last, too, with the battery able to take on a solid two to three days of use.

Start running, jumping, or swimming, and the watch is already tracking your workout. The GPX map experience isn't as fleshed out as our reviewer wanted it to be, but you're still getting good mileage out of the heart rate monitor, BIA, and SpO2 tracking.

Wear OS 3 puts on a great showing with all the apps and utility need just a couple touches away. There's no rotating bezel on this model as there was on previous ones, but the experience should still be smooth and easy to familiarize yourself with.

The big picture here is that you're getting a big watch that can do big things with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Why buy the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro now?

For the simple reason that it's on sale! Samsung and other retailers have the Bluetooth model on a $50 discount right now with the LTE version for $60 off. But if you're looking for the realest of deals out there right now, you gotta hit up Amazon where the Bluetooth Watch 5 Pro is just $315 — that's $135 or 30% off MSRP and it bests a discount we covered just a couple weeks ago.

Strike while the titanium's hot, we've got no clue when stock's running out.