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It shouldn't be too surprising that the Galaxy Z Fold series gets the most attention of any foldable. It's available globally, made by one of the most successful brands in smartphones, and was the first device to the scene — to say nothing about that expansive, eye-catching display. But it's not the only folding phone Samsung offers today, and to some, the Galaxy Z Flip series is just as impressive.

These clamshell phones offer a sense of fun above all else, with a thin and light build that helps make large display feel pocketable again. As the year carries on, we're growing closer and closer to the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the fifth-generation flip phone from Samsung that, if early leaks are anything to go by, could help the company catch up to some of its international competition — and could make for one of the best Android phones on the market. It's likely to launch alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Here's everything we know so far about the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

One big improvement to the Galaxy Z Flip 5's hardware

When it comes to this year's Galaxy Z Flip revision, there's only one story worth focusing on so far: the outer display. While Samsung's previous iterations of the phone have kept things small — capable of showing the time and date, notifications, and a tiny selfie viewfinder — it sounds like the company is aiming larger with its next clamshell.


An early leak from notable tipster Ice Universe claims the main exterior display on the Z Flip 5 is larger than that found on the Oppo Find N2 Flip. That'd provide a substantial upgrade over the Galaxy Z Flip 4, while also likely adding some new functionality to the cover screen. It's unclear if you'd be able to access third-party apps or even a unique launcher, but it's hard to imagine Samsung not building in some level of support for more advanced tools and tricks.

And yes, you read that right — the main exterior display. Our earliest leaks for the Z Flip 5 show an oddly shaped display on the front. There's the primary cover screen, rumored to be 3.26", which bleeds into a tiny ticker capable of showing the time and other status icons you'd expect to see on older models.

Further leaks showcased a silhouette of the phone that, while not a 1:1 match with these earlier rumors, do show an oddly-shaped outline of a display that seems likely to represent the ticker, with the rest of the screen displayed separately. The same goes for a leaked render from Ice Universe presenting the same thing.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 bigger outer display mockup
Source: SamMobile

Despite the lack of US availability, Oppo's clamshell phone is likely to be a constant source of comparison for Samsung in the coming months. The Find N2 Flip is an impressive device, one that — some software quirks aside — really sets the bar for how this design should work moving forward. A large, 3.26-inch cover screen dwarfs anything you'll find on previous Samsung launches, while its hinge is capable of folding perfectly in half without a gap.

And that brings us to the other main upgrade we'd like to see Samsung deliver with the Z Flip 5: the hinge. Oppo's model doesn't just close flat — its crease is also far more invisible than anything Samsung's shipped in recent years. Currently, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is rumored to get a better hinge, one capable of bending flat. While we have yet to hear definitive word on the Flip, it seems likely both devices will use the same technology. Unfortunately, only time — and more leaks — will tell.

By the end of April, we finally got our first real look at renders for the Galaxy Z Flip 5, and honestly, they're looking pretty good. Unsurprisingly, the outer screen looks pretty similar to the "folder" style Ice Universe laid out in their original tweet. The rest of the device is in line with earlier rumors as well, though we'll have to keep waiting for a better look at its hinge.

Powerful, familiar specs

Right now, we haven't heard much about the Galaxy Z Flip 5's specs sheet — and what little we have heard, frankly, verges on disappointing. While we have yet to hear anything substantial, it sounds like both of this year's Z-series upgrades are unlikely to deliver big changes to the camera, which could leave photo capabilities as the one big weak spot for Samsung's foldables. Last year's model took passable images, but nothing compared to other phones in the $1,000 price range.

Similarly, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is likely to keep another component from the Flip 4: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage tiers, all offered at UFS 3.1 speeds. That's slower than what we've seen on the S23+ or Ultra, and more in line with the smallest S23.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra balanced on top of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Despite its lack of a hinge, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will likely keep its position as Samsung's most powerful, impressive smartphone.

As for generic specs, the Z-series should match the S23 in most areas: a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor (or whatever's the highest end silicon at the moment, should Qualcomm launch an iterative update), loaded with plenty of RAM and super fast displays to keep everything feeling snappy. Battery life, meanwhile, has never been the Flip's strong suit, though Samsung does make some small leaps with every new generation. Let's hope that trend continues.

Refreshed software with some Flip-friendly improvements

Samsung debuted One UI 5.1 with the Galaxy S23 series, a relatively small update that didn't have a major impact on day-to-day use, though it did include some fun quality-of-life improvements. As usual, we don't expect to see Samsung roll out another incremental update to this version of its skin — no One UI 5.2, for example. Rather, expect to see the Galaxy Z Flip 5 launch on One UI 5.1.1, a slightly newer variant to 5.1 that could include some foldable-specific changes before a swift upgrade in the coming months to One UI 6.

One such improvement could come from Samsung's biggest rival. Last year, Apple introduced its own version of an always-on display, one that was, quite literally, always on. User feedback — including from yours truly — was fairly negative, leading Apple to eventually dial back its decision to leave your wallpaper displayed at all times. With the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung might copy this idea, presumably for the outer shell screen. We'll have to wait for more in-depth leaks to find out.

Although we have yet to learn much about Samsung's next version of One UI, it should arrive sometime after Google publishes the final version of Android 14. What comes in that upgrade will largely depend on Google has planned, though One UI 6 should have some customized additions for Galaxy die-hards as well.

With the addition of a much larger cover screen, expect the majority of improvements at launch to be seen here. We still don't know how much flexibility Samsung will provide with this display — will it support a full launcher or just a basic set of applications — but regardless, it's a brand new way to interact with the Flip series.

A summer filled with new smartphone launches

Although we have yet to hear anything about pricing or availability, Samsung — perhaps more than any smartphone company outside of Apple — runs like clockwork. An August launch seems highly likely for these phones, just as we saw with the Flip 4 last year. Likewise, Samsung seems particularly enthusiastic about hitting the $999 price point with this series, and considering the S23 lineup's pricing remained unchanged for 2023, expect a similar number this summer.

We're in for a Flipping good time

It's early days for the Galaxy Z Flip 5, but with plenty of time to go before an assumed summer launch, expect all sorts of rumors and details to leak in the coming months. With each passing year, foldables find themselves a larger audience. Whether the Flip 5 — or, indeed, it's bigger brother — will be enough to convince you to drop your smartphone slab remains to be seen.