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The Asus Zenfone 9 sports a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and a 5.9-inch display, making it a compact powerhouse compared to many other high-performing smartphones. But don’t let the smaller nature of this device fool you; it’s still one of the best Android phones you can buy.

Of course, that smaller design means a slightly higher chance of it slipping through your fingers, so you’ll want to pair it with a great case. While there aren’t a lot of cases from top names in the case market, there are still plenty of great options to keep your Zenfone 9 protected. There’s something for everyone, and we’ve rounded up the best options available.

  • RhinoShield-SolidSuite-Zenfone-9
    Source: RhinoShield
    RhinoShield SolidSuit Zenfone 9
    Best overall

    RhinoShield is known for providing cases with great protection and personalization options. The SolidSuit case builds off that same reputation, offering military-grade protection that RhinoShield says can protect your device from drops as high as 11 feet. It also provides various prints, allowing you to personalize how your case looks.

  • zenfone-Insolkidon-hard-backed-wallet-case
    Source: Insolkidon
    Insolkidon Hard Backed Wallet Case Zenfone 9
    Premium pick

    The Insolkidon Hard Backed Wallet case offers a premium leather-like feel and storage options for your business and credit cards. It’s also available in various colors, including blue, red, black, and even green. If you love the grip and feel of leather, this hard case will offer protection and a stylish finish to keep your phone comfortably in your hand.

  • EVUNNBC-Flexible-TPU-Case-Zenfone-9
    Source: EVUNNBC
    EVUNNBC Flexible TPU Case Zenfone 9
    Best value

    The EVUNNBC TPU case offers military-grade drop protection with a thin design, allowing you to protect your Zenfone 9 while keeping its small stature intact. It is made from a TPU rubber and carbon fiber blend, providing an easy-to-grip texture resistant to fingerprints and oils.

  • Kwmobile-Clear-Bicolor-Case-Zenfone-9
    Source: Kwmobile
    Kwmobile Clear Bicolor Case Zenfone 9
    Best clear case

    The Kwkmobile clear case is great at helping you make a statement. Not only does it stand out from the crowd with its unique two-tone coloring, but it is also made from TPIU, making it flexible and protective. There are also precise cutouts for all the ports and the volume buttons, which helps the case fit perfectly on your Zenfone 9.

  • damondy-zenfone-9-wallet-case-1
    Source: Damondy
    DAMONDY Wallet Case Zenfone 9

    The Damondy wallet case is made from PU leather, offering a soft and classic leather feel. You get two slots to store your plastic cards as well as a pocket to hold your cash. You can even use the flip cover to work like a kickstand, keeping your device upright on a hard surface for content consumption.

  • Tffozssi-Acrylic-Case-Zenfone-9
    Source: Tffozssi
    Tffozssi Acrylic Case Zenfone 9

    The Tffozssi acrylic case sports a transparent look with some additional coloring to help make your phone’s design pop. Because of its blended acrylic and TPU design, the case can withstand scratches and the occasional drop. It’s a thinner case, though it comes with raised edges on the front and back to help protect your screen and cameras.

  • Kwmobile-Smooth Matte-TPU-Case-Zenfone-9
    Source: Kwmobile
    Kwmobile Smooth Matte TPU Case Zenfone 9

    The Kwmobile smooth matte case is great for those who want a simple case without a bunch of extra frills. The TPU material is soft to the touch and flexible, while also offering protection from small dings and the occasional tumble to the ground. This case is a great option for those who want ultra-slim, as it’s just 1.3mm thick.

  • Dzxouui-Ultra-Thin-TPU-Case-Zenfone-9
    Source: Dzxouui
    Dzxouui Ultra Thin TPU Case Zenfone 9

    The Dzxouui case is made from TPU and features a brushed textured design on the back. The TPU materials give this case good drop protection, while the textured back is anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant. The inside of the case has diamond grooves for better airflow and cooling, and it is available in blue and black.

  • Osophter-Clear-Case-Zenfone-9
    Source: Osophter
    Osophter Clear Case Zenfone 9

    The Osophter clear case is made from TPU and has reinforced corners for enhanced drop protection. If you drop your phone, the reinforced corners will take the brunt of the shock and transfer the energy toward the sides of the case, keeping it from breaking your screen. The case also has raised edges to better protect your display and camera housing.

  • Sucnakp-zenfone-9-case-2
    Source: Sucnakp
    Sucnakp Flexible Bezel Protecting Case Zenfone 9

    The Sucnakp Flexible Bezel Protective case puts screen protection front and center in an affordable and secure design that sports absorption technology to help keep your display free of scratches and dings. Its color options aren’t exceptionally great, but the textured design on the back makes it easy to hold.

  • HGJTF-zenfone-9-case-2
    Source: HGJTF
    HGJTF Ultra Thin Bumper Case for Zenfone 9

    The HGJTF Ultra Thin Bumper case lets you not only show off your phone with its clear design, but its anti-scratch and shockproof silicone shell help protect your phone from any drops and dings it might encounter during daily use. There’s also a black option for those who want a more standard-looking case.

  • Futanwei-zenfone-9-case-2
    Source: Futanwei
    Futanwei Slim Fit Shockproof Case for Zenfone 9

    The Futanwei Slim Fit case provides a transparent look combined with great protection. This soft TPU cover will fit nicely over your Zenfone 9 without adding a lot of extra bulk to the phone’s design. It also features raised protection over the buttons, making it easy to find them no matter what you’re doing.

Protect your device

Thanks to its great performance and solid design, the Asus Zenfone 9 is one of the best options available for compact phone buyers. If you want to take advantage of that performance and design throughout the phone's entire life, keeping it protected from scratches and any inevitable drops should be a top priority.

Unfortunately, sorting through cases for the Zenfone 9 isn't easy, as a lot of top-name case makers haven't paid much attention to the device. Still, there are many great options out there that you can choose from, and those looking for a premium feel and protection will find that the Insolkidon Hard Backed Wallet case delivers on both fronts. Of course, those who want the best overall case will find that the SolidSuite from RhineShield ticks all the right boxes, offering great personalization options and drop protection in one handy package.

If value is your biggest concern, though, don't ignore the EVUNNBC TPU case, which offers military-grade protection with a brushed textured design, all at a budget-friendly price. You can't go wrong with any of these three cases; each one will keep your device looking great until you decide to replace it.