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It seems like nearly every phone manufacturer is trying to release its own foldable device. Between Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Google's elusive (but maybe not for much longer) Pixel Fold, everyone wants in on the action. We've already heard to expect OnePlus launching its first foldable phone this year, and now the release date could be closer than ever.

According to known leaker Max Jambor, OnePlus will unveil its first foray into foldable devices sometime in August (via 9to5Google). Jambor doesn't specify any concrete date, but if past OnePlus launches are anything to go by, it could announce the foldable early in the month — in 2022, the OnePlus 10T went official on August 3. Perhaps we'll see a similar timetable this year.

OnePlus will likely face some major competition in the foldable department. Google could potentially announce the Pixel Fold during this month's Google I/O. And while August is usually when we get a Samsung Unpacked event, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Z Flip 5 might make their debut a little earlier this summer than you'd think.

While those are the biggest players releasing foldable phones, many others are dabbling as well. Motorola's got its next generation of Razrs in the works, but rumors indicate that specs might be a little behind the curve.

On the international scale, Huawei is readying the launch of the P60 Pro, a foldable which could be much lighter than its competition. Vivo is also refining its foldable phones, as it recently launched the X Fold 2 and the X Flip in China.

While most foldable phones are still far too expensive for common use, Tecno's newly released Phantom V Fold is the most affordable way to dive into that world. Its $1100 price supremely undercuts its competition, where many start at over $1500. Will OnePlus similarly shake up foldable pricing with its own offering? We should find out in just a few more months.