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fossil-gen-6-wellness-edition-front 1
Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition review: At least it can tell time

The Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition favors style over substance, which leads to shortcomings as a smartwatch


When I think about the Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition, I remember an old Top Gear episode. Jeremy Clarkson was reviewing the first all-electric Mercedes SLS supercar. It was an absolute monster, capable of producing 739HP and a top speed of 155MPH. There was only one catch: battery life. The Mercedes could only sustain that performance for less than 10 miles before needing to charge.

Shot of the back panel of the Galaxy A54 1
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G review: The empire strikes back

The Galaxy A54 washes away a lot of the sins of its predecessor


The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G was my most disappointing device of last year. I'd anticipated a great battle between the A53 and the Google Pixel 6a — with the A53 offering a fantastic display and impressive battery, while the 6a countered with its raw performance and camera capabilities — all for the same $450 price tag. Instead, Samsung’s mid-range model was plagued by lag at every turn, making it painful to complete even the simplest tasks like pulling down the notification shade or taking a photo. Even for the price, it was hard to recommend a phone so prone to stalling harder than a pug walking up a steep hill.

Front view of the Tapo C100 camera 1
TP-Link Tapo C100 Security Camera review: Security on a budget

A high-quality home security solution that won't break the bank


Since the introduction of the Ring Security Camera, consumer home surveillance has become a significant addition to many smart homes. Whether finding out who stole your Amazon package or seeing what your kitty Muffins is up to during the day, the home security camera has proven its worth in most people's lives.

Top down image of Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 1
Lenovo Tab M10 Plus review: Third gen's the charm

It won't turn many heads, but the M10 Plus is a great media tablet at a reasonable price


Not long ago, if someone asked for a 10-inch tablet recommendation under $200, I would have told them, without hesitation, to get an Amazon Fire 10 HD. It had the best mix of value, performance, and display quality in the category. Sure, they'd have to install the Play Store manually, but similarly-priced Android competitors couldn't compete on functionality alone.

Unihertz Tank with 66W charger 1
Unihertz Tank review: 100 days on a single charge

The Unihertz Tank delivers up to 100 days on a single charge and better performance than most rugged smartphones


Rugged smartphones tend to only be good at one thing: being rugged. They can survive going through a window, but scrolling Instagram or watching videos on a decent display is often too much to ask. It’s that perception that the Unihertz Tank is seeking to change. It has all the qualities you want in a good rugged device without losing out on essential smartphone features.

What's in the Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite Box 1
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite review: An Amazon Fire HD 8 alternative, no sideloading required

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite gives the Amazon Fire 8 a run for its money as the budget king for streaming content


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite reminds me of my childhood dog. He was a cute and cuddly little guy, but if you pet him the wrong way, he would bite you. However, if you knew how to approach him, he was your best friend, but you had to know his limitations.