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Google's update schedule has gotten pretty hectic in recent weeks. The May security update was just seeded, and meanwhile, the company is running two simultaneous beta programs to test both Android 14 and the June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop. The latter is in development as Android 13 QPR3, and Google has just released a Beta 3.1 update for this version.

This update carries a version number of T3B3.230413.006 /.A1 and it's essentially just a patch — but it does fix a number of outstanding issues. Google updated its release notes and announced the new software on Reddit, where the company also posted a hefty list of squashed bugs:

  • Fixed various stability issues. (Issue #279246037, Issue #274339025, Issue #279301937)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the first notification in the notification shade to get stuck with an offset. (Issue #273870112)
  • Fixed a memory leak that affected the system UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the volume level that was set while TalkBack was enabled did not persist after toggling TalkBack off and on again.
  • Fixed issues with the system UI that sometimes caused apps to crash.
  • Fixed issues that could cause a device to crash when using the camera.
  • Fixed issues that sometimes caused excessive power drain.

You will only receive this version if you were already running an Android 13 QPR3 Beta build — users who have enrolled in the Android 14 Beta Program or accepted an Android 14 Beta update already won't see this update. However, if you have a pending Android 14 update and you're running an Android 13 QPR3 version, checking for updates now should get rid of the pending Android 14 update and replace it with Android 13 QPR3 Beta 3.1.

If all of that sounds too complicated for you, it might actually be simpler to do a manual install — Google has already posted the factory images and OTA files, so it's just a matter of running a few Fastboot commands or using Android Flash Tool to get updated.