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Google TV gave Android TV the facelift it desperately needed, but the revamp did not address many underlying issues plaguing the platform. This includes storage issues, slow performance, and long wake-up times. Google is now rolling out an update to Google TV to fix many of these problems. So, if you have a Google TV-powered television or a streaming device like the Chromecast, your experience is about to get a lot better.

Firstly, Google TV is gaining support for app hibernation. This will help free up storage space on your TV by archiving apps that have not been used for over 30 days. Secondly, Google claims to have used Android App Bundles to reduce the size of Google TV apps by around 25%. The company announced App Bundles for Google TV and Android TV apps in November 2022.

These two changes might seem small, but combined, they will ensure you always have space on your Google TV to install more apps and games. The company has previously rolled out similar updates for Chromecast to address its storage and performance woes.

Google says these improvements are already live, though they are limited to Google TV devices running Android 12. The company's 4K Chromecast received its Android 12 update in October 2022, while Walmart's new Onn Google TV is already running the OS out of the box.

All Google TV devices and their remotes will also receive updates to improve their performance. The big G claims your Google TV should wake up faster from sleep. Plus, the loading animation that appears during a reboot is now shorter than ever. Finally, Google TV will respond quicker to remote button presses. Again, combined, the changes should deliver a smoother and faster Google TV experience.

Google TV's speed and storage improvements come just a few months after it received a revamped homescreen with new tools to make finding the content you watch easier.