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Fairphone is rated among the most user-friendly smartphone companies in the world, with the manufacturer's Fairphone 2 outliving itself and receiving more security updates than Samsung or Google flagships. Not to mention the company's Fairphone 4, which launched back in 2021 and continues to be a favorite for those who prefer robust repair support. Last month, leaks pointed to the imminent launch of the Fairbuds XL, Fairphone's unannounced over-the-ear headphones. We're now being treated to renders of these ANC headphones, outfitted in green and black.

Based on its history, the Dutch smartphone maker's entry into other consumer-focused products isn't surprising. These high-resolution renders come courtesy of Winfuture, who supposedly acquired the images through an unnamed retailer. Not much is known about these wireless headphones, except that they would support ANC out of the box.

Winfuture claims the Fairbuds XL should come with the same Fairphone promise of easy repairability, as indicated by the visible screws on the outside. But since headphones don't usually get damaged the same way (or as often) as smartphones, it will be interesting to see how Fairphone will go about this endeavor.

The left and right earcups of the Fairbuds XL reportedly use the same recycled plastic materials as the Fairphone 4's back panel. The publication posits that the battery on these ANC headphones could also be easily replaceable, much like on the manufacturer's phones.

These images point to the presence of physical buttons, while the onboard USB-C port is prominently visible here. We would've liked a 3.5mm port as a backup connectivity option, but you can't have it all. A price tag of €249 (~$279) has been rumored for the EU, which could put this among the best over-ear headphones in the market. A launch date is unavailable right now, but we'll keep an ear to the ground for any new details on Fairphone's second audio accessory.