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The 11th-gen Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best e-readers in Amazon's portfolio and a significant step up from the base Kindle model. It packs a high-resolution e-ink display, a water-resistant design, and a bright backlight. But all these upgrades don't come cheap, and if you want to keep your nifty little e-reader safe from scratches, dents, and drops, it's a good idea to invest in a case.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of excellent Kindle Paperwhite cases. In fact, there are too many choices, from official Amazon covers to third-party folios. But our handpicked recommendations for the best Kindle Paperwhite cases are a great place to start your case shopping. Remember, all our picks are suitable for Kindle Paperwhite and its Signature Edition.

  • fintie-case-kindle-paperwhite
    Fintie Hard Back Shell Cover for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
    Best overall
    $16 $33 Save $17

    This back cover from Fintie is a fantastic option for the Kindle Paperwhite. Its reinforced corners and impact-resistant polycarbonate back offer solid protection from drops, scratches, and bumps. Additionally, the case has a built-in hand strap that makes it easier to securely hold the e-reader without getting tired. The Fintie case is also lightweight, has precise cutouts for the power button and charging port, and comes in six exciting color and design options.

  • amazon-leather-cover
    Amazon Leather Cover for Kindle Paperwhite
    Premium pick

    If you are looking for a premium case for your Kindle Paperwhite or Paperwhite Signature Edition, you can't go wrong with the Amazon leather cover. This folio-type case has a natural leather exterior, a plastic frame, and a microfiber interior. So you get an elegant look, and the case offers decent protection from everyday mishaps. The textured leather finish enhances grip, ensuring the e-reader doesn't slip out of your hand when carrying it around.

  • ayuto-fabric
    Ayuto Fabric Case For Kindle Paperwhite
    Best value

    The Ayuto Fabric Case offers excellent value. It's a well-made Kindle Paperwhite case that feels great in hand, thanks to the fabric exterior. It also uses magnets in the front flap to keep the cover shut or attached to the back when needed. In addition, the case has smart wake and sleep functionality like the official cases. So your Kindle will automatically wake up when you open the cover or go to sleep when you close the lid.

  • paperwhite-fabric-cover
    Amazon Fabric Cover for Kindle Paperwhite
    Best Design

    If you prefer official cases over third-party ones, this fabric cover is a good option from Amazon. Available in three colors, the cover is soft to touch and comfortable to hold, thanks to its fabric exterior. Additionally, the microfiber lining keeps the screen free from scratches. Like other official cases, the fabric cover also uses magnets to secure the front flap and has smart wake and sleep functionality. Moreover, you get a perfect fit and protection from everyday accidents. However, the case leaves most of the top and bottom edges unprotected. It's not a deal-breaker but still an unfortunate omission from an official and expensive case.

  • moko tpu cover
    MoKo TPU Clear Back Cover for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    This MoKo TPU Clear Back Cover is perfect for your Kindle Paperwhite if you don't want to hide the design and color of the e-reader behind a case. Apart from the scratch-resistant transparent back, the case features a colored TPU bumper with reinforced corners and air cushion technology for enhanced protection. You also get wireless charging support for the Signature Edition, and the case has clear cutouts for the charging port and the power button. Moreover, the MoKo clear case is slim and lightweight. As a result, you won't add any unnecessary bulk to your e-book reader.

  • cobak-case-paperwhite
    CoBak Case For Kindle Paperwhite

    The CoBak Kindle PaperWhite case is versatile and includes several features to help you make the most of your e-reader. It has a card slot to keep a credit or debit card when you want to ditch your wallet at home. Or you can use it to store an ID. You'll also find that the card storage flap doubles as a kickstand for hands-free reading. The company has also included a hand strap to make it easier to hold the Kindle without putting too much strain on your hand.

  • walnew-case-paperwhite
    Walnew Stand Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
    $24 $33 Save $9

    This Walnew case may look like a typical folio-type case, but it's far from one. It has two built-in hand straps to enable a secure one-hand reading experience using either of your hands. As the name suggests, it has a kickstand to prop up your Kindle Paperwhite whenever you want a hands-free reading experience. Thanks to its two-tone design and PU leather exterior, the case looks great, and you can choose from as many as nine color options.

  • soke case paperwhite
    Soke Origami Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    The best case option for Paperwhite owners who prefer origami-style stands comes from Soke. Its microfiber-lined front cover does the double duty of protecting the screen and working as a kickstand. It can be folded over to prop up the e-reader in both portrait and landscape modes. It doesn't add bulk and is lightweight. But that doesn't mean it's a slacker on the protection front. The hard polycarbonate back shell protects the Kindle from drops, scratches, and other mishaps. In other features, you get auto wake and sleep functionality, a magnetic closing system, and 12 color options.

  • fintie-trifold-paperwhite
    Fintie Trifold Case For Kindle Paperwhite

    Fintie offers this smart cover with a tri-fold flap to keep the Kindle safe. It has an unusual design; instead of having the front flap close from left to right, it closes from bottom to top. But despite its uniqueness, the flap keeps the e-reader screen safe and transforms into a kickstand. And when you are not using the flap as a stand, it will securely attach to the back using magnets to provide a distraction-free reading experience.

  • mission cables-clear case
    Mission Cables Clear Case For Kindle Paperwhite

    Mission Cables' Clear Case is another solid back cover for the Kindle Paperwhite. Being a "Made for Amazon" product, it's fully compatible with the e-reader and delivers an excellent fit. Plus, you'll get superb protection for your device thanks to its soft edges, which can absorb the shock of an impact, and the hard polycarbonate back built to take on all sorts of scratches and scrapes. The case also has a screen protector to help you keep the Kindle Paperwhite display safe from bruises and dents.

  • kwmobile-case-paperwhite
    kwmobile Case For Kindle Paperwhite

    This folio-style Kindle Paperwhite case from kwmobile is perfect if you don’t like the typical plain cases. It’s available in ten styles, each featuring a different graphic or design, which will certainly help your boring e-reader look interesting. Featuring a synthetic leather exterior and microfiber lining, the kwmobile case is also lightweight and doesn’t add too much bulk to the Kindle. Despite this, it will keep your device safe from scratches, bumps, and drops. In other features, it has a hand strap on the front flap, making it easier to hold the e-reader with a single hand.

  • moko-case-paperwhite
    MoKo Case For Kindle Paperwhite
    $8 $10 Save $2

    If you like the fabric exterior on your Kindle cover but don’t want a folio-style design, then this MoKo case will undoubtedly interest you. It is your typical back cover, but it has a fabric exterior on the back and a built-in stowaway magnetic stand. Unfortunately, while the magnetic stand is helpful, it only supports one viewing angle. The case fits the Kindle Paperwhite like a glove, and the fabric feels nice in hand. The company has also included a flexible TPU bumper alongside reinforced corners to protect the Kindle in the event of a drop. Plus, the edges are raised to safeguard the screen from scratches.

  • walnew-sleeve-paperwhite
    Walnew Sleeve For Kindle Paperwhite
    $15 $23 Save $8

    Apart from its excellent stand case for the Kindle Paperwhite, Walnew also offers a sleeve perfect for storing the e-reader while you carry it around. Available in four colors, this protective pouch is slim and lightweight but will still keep the Kindle safe. The sleeve's suede texture feels nice in hand, and the fiber lining ensures the e-reader doesn't get scratched while it's stored. In other features, the sleeve uses a magnetic locking mechanism, so you won't have to fiddle with a zipper or strap. And, if you use a back cover, like our editor's pick, the sleeve is big enough to store the Kindle with the cover on.

  • klever-case-universal-cover
    KleverCase Book Style Universal Cover

    If you miss the look and feel of a physical book while using your Kindle, this fun cover from KleverCase may be helpful. This hardback book cover is made using traditional bookbinding techniques and can work with most Kindles, not just the Paperwhite. In addition, the case uses magnets to remain securely closed in transit or to keep the front cover attached to the back when you read. It comes in eight designs, each of which looks completely different and will remind you of the iconic and classic book covers.

The best protection for your Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon's Kindles, including the Kindle Paperwhite, are well-built e-readers. But they are far from being indestructible. However, you can significantly reduce the chance of accidental damage by slapping on a case. And our editor's pick — the Fintie Hard Back Shell Cover — is a fantastic option for most people. It's effortless to install and provides solid protection from drops, scratches, and other mishaps.

But if you prefer something a bit more premium and in a folio form factor, Amazon's official leather cover is undoubtedly enticing. It looks elegant and is available in multiple colors.

Finally, the Ayotu fabric case is perfect for bargain hunters and anyone on a budget. It gives you everything you get in the official Amazon Fabric Cover, but at almost half the price.

After selecting your Kindle Paperwhite case, you can work on managing your Kindle and its content to keep everything organized.